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The ancient Kasbah architecture and long-established Amazigh ideals of Nkob come together in one wonderful little village full of smiling faces and communicative people. Nkob is a traditional mud brick village, known by its 45 Kasbahs and amazing views over palm trees oases and the Saghrou Mountains.

All this region is spectacular and its native people, the Amazigh Ait Atta tribe (ancient Berber tribes) lived here long before Arab and Islam entrance in Morocco in the 7th century). The Ait Atta tribes was one of the most important Moroccan tribes between the 15th and the 19th century.

Nkob (also written Nekob) is located about 160KM south of Ouarzazate, the capital city of the south known by its famous kasbahs, oases and film studios.

Jbel Saghrou is a 100km wide mountain that is quite off the tourist trail, and yet provides magnificient landscapes and authentic Moroccan villages and culture. Jbel Saghrou is separated from the Anti Atlas in the west by the Draa Valley and from the High Atlas on the north by the Wadi Dades.

Road Distances to Nkob

  • From Marrakesh to Nkob = 340KM
  • From Ouarzazate to Nkob = 136KM
  • From Agdz to Nkob = 67KM

Road Distances from Nkob

  • From Nkob to Tazzarine = 36KM
  • From Nkob to Alnif = 97KM
  • From Nkob to Rissani = 195KM
  • From Nkob to Merzouga in Erg Chebbi Dunes = 228KM

Map of Nkob, Map of Morocco

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The adventure begins as soon as your feet touch the dry lands of Southern Morocco. With its high Sahara dunes, deep canyons and lush oases, Nkob is a short step away from all these incredible landscapes. Choose your holiday hotel in Morocco.