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Kasbah Ennakhile offers great trekking opportunities, where you will be able to enjoy both deserted mountains and oases. The main goal of these trips is to make you explore untouched locations, meet local nomads and be amazed by the fantastic landscapes around the Saghrou Mountains.

From One Day excursions around Nkob to multiple-day trips into the mountains, using camels and donkeys caravans to carry goods, Kasbah Nkob can take you to amazing sites! Enjoy your day with us!

kasbah Nkob Ennakhile - Jbel Saghro Trekking - 3 days

Our recommended Tour: 3 Days to know the best spots in Nkob and around the Regions

Day 1: the riches of Nkob.

The Plan: discover Nkob

Did you know Nkob is famous for its 45 Kasbahs, top quality henna and organic dates and almonds? Enjoy this full day with our guide to discover the village of the 45 kasbash!

Nkob was an important point in the ancient Caravan trade route that linked the distant Timbuktu in Mali, across the Sahara desert to the coastal towns of the Mediterranean. This village was so important that it had 45 Kasbahs, a symbol of power for the berber tribes. Long before the Arab invasion in the 7th century CE, Camel caravans crossed the vast Sahara trading the gold, salt and other African riches with the Mediterranean world. These caravans would be as large as 12.000 camels at the peak of their importance. Across these routes, many towns flourished and became cultural centers like the lost city of Sijilmasa, near Rissani and Merzouga, in Morocco. And villages like Nkob were the important stronghold that enabled the Camel Caravans to exist for more than 2000 years until our days.

Among the many palm and almond trees, the delicate small tree of Henna thrives under the hottest and driest temperatures. This native plant has been used for more than 6000 years across the northern Africa to South Asia. Power made from the leaves from our region result in the most sought-out product of Nkob, the prime quality Nkob Henna! But before you reach the gardens of Henna, enjoy the delicious organic dates and almonds!

Day 2: Oh, the View!

The Plan: Breakfast at the hotel, the Amom Mountain. Lunch at the top. Return and rest!

Duration: 5 Hours
Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 8km

If you love the mountains as we do, you’ll have an amazing day with our guide! Get ready with a strong breakfast at our hotel. You will then follow the trails up the Amom Mountain. The tour takes around 5 hours so take your time and enjoy the breathtaking view over the region.

Lunch will be served on the top of the mountain, over-viewing the village of Nkob and with the Anti Atlas.

Day 3: The Birthplace of Ait Atta!

The Plan: Breakfast at the hotel, Transport into the Mountains. Trekking for 4 hours. Transport back to hotel.

Duration: 5 Hours
Difficulty: Easy

The Nkob region is home to the Ait Atta tribe, a ancient nomadic tribe that rose to prominence the 17th century until the 1930’s. Jbel Saghrou was the birthplace of the Ait Aita tribe. This region has been inhabited for over 4000 years, and the nomadic Ait Atta took their herds through the Dades Valley to the pastures in the High Atlas. These tribes keep repeating this primordial rhythm from their Winter homes into the green and lust Summer pastures, after the Winter snow from the High Atlas has melted.

During this day, you’ll get a chance to enter into the heart of mountains of Jbel Saghrou, the homeland of the people of Nkob. In the mountains there’s remarkable sense of immensity that mountain and trekking lovers know well, mixed with the ancestral history of the Berber people.

Morocco Adgz Nkob Kasbah Ennakhile

7 Days: Mountains + Desert, Morocco Mountain Trek

Departure Night ( Bivouac Camp )
Ikniounne Tizi-n-Tzazerta 2400m
Tizi-n-Tzazerta 2400m Ighazoune
Ighazoune Talat
Talat Draa Valley
Draa Valley Tagnite
Tagnite Erg Ait Onir
Erg Ait Onir Beni Sbih
Beni Sbih Oulad Driss

M'hamid - Sahara Desert - Kasbah Ennakhile, Hotel Nkob Morocco

5 Days: Desert, Morocco Desert Trek

Departure Night ( Bivouac Camp )
Mhamid N’khela
N’khela Awtid
Awtid Erg Ighoul
Erg Ighoul Renka Kakouil
Imi Nouad Latech Zaouit Abd Nbi

Excursion Dades Gorge - Kasbah Ennakhile, Hotel Nkob Morocco

5 Days: Nkob to Boumalne Dades

Departure Night ( Bivouac Camp )
Nkob Tifdassine
Tifdassine Ighissi
Ighissi Igli
Igli Ouin ifilan
Ouin ifilan Ikniowen

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The adventure begins as soon as your feet touch the dry lands of Southern Morocco. With its high Sahara dunes, deep canyons and lush oases, Nkob is a short step away from all these incredible landscapes. Choose your holiday hotel in Morocco.