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Kasbah Ennakhile Facilities – Restaurant

Restaurant Ennakhile: Delicious local recipes with genuine food from the region, Mrs. Lalla Zahra prepares authentic cuisine fully regarding local culture and local fresh products.

There are several restaurant areas inside this Restaurant in Kasbah – Restaurant Nkob: downstairs nomad tent area with great view over the palm grove of Tamazight and the Saghrou Mountains, ideal breakfast area; upstairs terrace with the Arab room and downstairs Amazigh restaurant with fine-looking decoration and subjects from the Amazigh culture.

Kasbah Ennakhile Nkob Morocco

Hotel Ennakhile accepts group reservations for lunch or dinner. Hotel Ennakhile long experience with travel agencies and transport companies is well known for a superb service and proper food and client satisfaction. Nkob is the perfect lunch stop for tour companies or independent travelers while crossing from the Sahara Desert to Ouarzazate or Marrakech.

Kasbah Ennakhile Nkob Morocco